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hi to all! thnks for support me..Im happy to declare that I already have a business website.The design is not advance at all,but still ok lah..Im using WP platform also..about fitness store.

It is now at construction.Dont come right now,please bring all of your friends to my website. ūüôā .Thnks and regards!

hi to is my good day! i would like to launch a website about fitness today.I have buy my own domain

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”When it comes to supplements, it’s best to stick with supplements that are supported by science, both in terms of efficacy and safety. Keeping that in mind, below are the five supplements that are most suitable for beginners”

A large number of products to choose from accompanied by an excessive number of so-called experts or spokespeople claiming they have the best product creates a bit of confusion.Am i rite? 

Others may be effective, but aren’t necessary for a beginner, who will improve rapidly without what I’ll call advanced supplementation.

In my mind, beginners need to focus on three things, in order of importance:


  1. Working hard.
  2. Ensuring that you’re using a well-designed training program geared toward your goals.
  3. Manipulating your diet to ensure an appropriate nutrient balance, and utilizing supplements to help you achieve this goal.
Supplements Can Be Utilized
To Help You Achieve Your Goal.

1. Protein:
 Countless studies have been conducted with mixed results regarding improvements in muscular size and strength during short-term resistance training programs.

  1. Additional protein may lead to greater improvements in muscular size and strength.


  3. Drinking a rapidly digesting protein source immediately before, during and/or after your training session will help stimulate protein synthesis (read: protein building) and therefore facilitate recovery.


  5. Assuming you have a healthy liver and kidney and that you aren’t drastically over consuming poor quality fat sources, a higher protein diet will probably help you shed some fat.


  7. Regardless of what the research says (forgive me for temporarily neglecting my scientific background), people that train hard report feeling better while taking a protein supplement.
    • ¬†

      1. Whey protein¬†supplements are rapidly digested, so they enter the blood stream and “get to work” quickly.¬†Casein protein¬†digests more slowly, having a time-release effect. Whey may be a more appropriate choice around your training sessions, whereas casein may be more appropriate throughout the day if you don’t have time to cook and need a quick protein source.


      3. Research has shown that consuming the protein supplement BEFORE you train may be slightly better than after. You may want to make a shake and start sipping on it before you train and continue to drink from it during your session.


      5. Protein supplements are no replacement for high-quality protein sources from food. Food sources include various¬†minerals¬†that are essential for well-being that you won’t find in a supplement.
    • A few other things to consider:

    2. Greens:
    Quite simply, a quality¬†greens supplement¬†can help minimize the negative effects of a diet lacking in¬†fruits and vegetables. Notice, I didn’t say it could REPLACE fruits and vegetables, only minimize the damage.

    3. Fish Oils:
    The super supplement! I can’t think of a person in the world that shouldn’t be taking a quality¬†fish oil supplement. I was first introduced to fish oils because of their anti-inflammatory effect



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lipo 6

Posted on: April 25, 2009

Lipo 6 reviews
You’ve likely heard about the fat burner Lipo 6. Learn about this phenomenal fat burner and what it contains that has made it so successful as a fat loss supplement!



sexy body rite? oh gosh! give me that body.heheh.juz joking..

Have u heard about Nutrex lipo 6 ? It is worth ur money ? 

What will u find in nutrex lipo6? 

Synephrine:¬†is an ingredient that you’ll find in many fat burners and acts in a similar manner to ephedra with its main influence to increase energy levels, ramp up the metabolic rate¬†and therefore, enhance the fat loss process. Synephrine itself is derived from the fruit called, Bitter Orange (or Citrus aurantium).

 Caffeine:Almost no fat burner would be complete without the inclusion of caffeine.Caffeine increases alertness levels, enhances energy, and increases NEAT in some people (fidgeting types of movements). All of these can translate to more fat burned for you over the day, which then equates to greater fat loss.

Guggulsterones is an ingredient that has been used for many, many years and is now being shown to be quite effective in helping with fat burning.

Bioperine:The main function Bioperine has is the increased absorption of other supplements, meaning they will work more effectively with your system.

Finally, the last critical ingredient in Lipo 6 that helps it deliver you the results you’re looking for is¬† acts as a vasodilator, helping get blood to the tissues in need. When you’re just completed a hard workout, this is going to help your muscles receive the nutrients they need from your post-workout meal.yohimbe has is to increase blood flow to the extremities and appendages.¬†


So, if you are looking for a good all-around, ephedra-free fat burner, Lipo 6 is a good option. With plenty of testimonials to back this product, it works quite well for most individuals.



* Do not think that you can simply take a supplement and see the fat fall off.

*You still must do the work required; the fat burner is just going to amplify your results, to help you see success faster with less frustration.

*Quick fixes don’t work, so the sooner you can come to terms with reality, the sooner you can get the body you desire

want to ask? drop comment plz . ūüôā

under motivation section,we will discuss about ‘bodybuilding for babyboomers’.This topic quite sexy!!

It is true that less fat,means strong sex..the research has prove it.



While younger women are more likely to
report difficulty in reaching orgasm, women over 50 cite other
difficulties, such as a partner who can’t perform or who doesn’t make
love in a satisfying way, painful intercourse, or their feeling that
they are no longer physically desirable.”

It only makes sense that endurance and
strength are important elements in achieving great sex. Athletes have
better sex not only because their bodies are more attractive (leading
to more interest by the opposite sex, but also more self esteem making
one feel more “sexy”), but also because they have the strength and
energy needed for great sex.

When I was a young bodybuilder, full of
healthful energy, great sex was a given. As I have gotten older, I have
had to pay more attention to my health and work harder to maintain
energy and strength levels, so great sex is no longer an automatic
given. It is a reward for paying attention to the health and fitness of
my body.

Now, how do we shed those pounds to have more sex and improve our mental health? Here’s your prescription.

  • Eat clean and take in fewer calories than you expend. Five to seven small meals per day every 2-3 hours. Keep your calories nutrient dense. That means lots of high quality protein,
    moderate levels of complex carbohydrates and low levels of fat. Stop
    eating junk food! Every time you go for a cookie, think√Ę‚ā¨¬¶√Ę‚ā¨¬¶do you
    want to have sex tonight?
  • Train hard. Progressive resistance training adds lean
    muscle mass which boosts your metabolism to burn fat faster and it
    makes you look sexy. Remember…less fat equals more sex.
  • Intensive cardio burns calories. And it will keep your
    metabolism burning faster throughout the day. Keep it fun by adding
    variety such as biking, spinning, and interval training.
  • Supplement for increased strength and recovery. High quality protein such as Pro-Blend, AST and EAS, multi-vitamins, E, C and B-Complex along with Glutamine, Creatine and BCAAs are in our arsenal of great bodybuilding supplements.
  • Rest. Adequate amounts of sleep aid the muscle building process and go a long way to improving mental functioning.

fat loss

Posted on: April 24, 2009

yeah! some ppl find that to burn fat is not easy,some find it is easy! it depends on genetics also..

now i wanna to talk about ‘ Thermogenic fat burners’..

These products will help you get the results you’ve always wanted – lean and shredded. Many of these products contain caffeine and other powerful stimulants to give you that extra boost in the gym.

so i will help u to choose which product is better for u..

read this

Below are the three top sellers on fat loss products :-

muscletech hydroxycut hardcore

nutrex lipo

animal cuts ( universal )

*all of them is at my store*

just sms me for details

Thanx pd korang

tokey body supplement


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Nutrition talks

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